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A Legacy of Color

Ann Hall, creator and founder of the Ann Hall Color Design Collection, was an artist driven by passion and curiosity, never fearing to explore new paths. After receiving a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan, she first worked in a bronze foundry, then designed art-inspired apparel, went on to execute fine art painting, and ultimately became a sought-after colorist for architects, interior designers, and individuals from New York City to San Francisco.

For years Ann Hall created one-of-a-kind colors for clients whose projects required a perfect understanding of color—technically, intuitively, and emotionally. These collaborations produced amazing results, allowing her clients to understand the profound effects of full spectrum color mixing, a technique rarely used in the medium of architectural paints. In addition, by creating color en scène—in the actual spaces where it was to function—Ann Hall achieved colors which blended light and space into a seamlessly harmonious experience.

It is no surprise that the opera was one of Ann Hall's great loves. Exhaustive training and a sense of perfectionism and performance that all great artists share supported her own soaring artistry. Often opera is about great sadness, but oh, the music....

The palette of colors Ann Hall left as her legacy communicates her exquisite sensibility, refined by many years of research and experience as a colorist of the highest order.